Engineered for Excellence

Hartge designs and produces state of art nonwoven machinery for each customer request . All parts of the system are engineered by our engineers with high level of production capabilities . By using the latest technology production methods , our nonwoven systems become the unique machines in its market . 

Energy Saving & Better Costs 

The system uses 50% less electricity compering to other competitors . The users will have benefit to produce fabrics with less cost in the market . 

Systems Scale  

Hartge systems starts from 1600mm width to 5400mm . Choice of composite or stand alone systems are based on customer production scale . 

Guaranteed Production 

Hartge systems can run 7 GSM/m2 fabric in excellent quality with high speeds . The systems can run PE,PP,PET,TPU and PLA without any problem .  PE polymer is hard to run on nonwoven systems . But thanks to our inventor , Hartge systems can run PE polymer very easily with high speeds. Bi-Component production also available . Hartge machines produce the highest quality fabrics .

Cost Effective Investment

Hartge Systems  hardware is much smaller than all other technologies. Small footprint fewer precision machined parts reduce the price of the machine. Required building size and height further reduces project price and lead time. 


Simple Process

Hartge technology is very easy to understand and operate. The process was created to solve the problems of complicated large machines, providing a unified solution for spinning and web forming to minimize process parameters. The key is Hartge’s patent and PCT protected impingement spinning, a robust high output process that makes a wide range of spunbond fabrics. The system produces high spin speeds, however the forming dynamics slow down the fibers before the belt, making lay down easy, similar to the Meltblown process. 

PLC & Industry 4.0 

In our operating system we use Siemens 22''  plc screens for higher accuracy . Our engineers adopted Industry 4.0 to our system for maximum efficiency  . 



Compared to other standard processes , Hartge offers a new technology with ;

- 35 % less final product cost compering to other competitors

- 50 % less energy consumption

- 80 % less work force

- 50 % less space usage

- Lower investment cost

- Simple user interface for operators with easy to use . 

- Ability to achieve higher quality products compared to competitors

- High capacity production up to 1000m/Min